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  • Imani Woolfolk

Quarantine, but making it fun

Social distancing has affected us all differently, but it’s for the greater good of stopping the spread of COVID-19. However, one thing for sure sitting in the house all day everyday can be boring. So how do we entertain ourselves? By creating social media challenges.

Here’s a list of TikTok challenges that people are partaking in to pass time during quarantine.

“I'm a savage, classy, bougie…” You’ve probably heard that song 100 times scrolling through social media. That's because the #SavageChallenge is the new viral dance challenge to partake in. “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion has become the quarantine anthem for obvious reasons. Other than being her hit single, it's a catchy dance song as well. Thousands of people from teens, parents, grandparents, celebrities and even Megan herself have participated in the challenge, adding their own creative spin.

Check out the Hot Girl herself doing the challenge

  • “Until Tomorrow”

Who doesn’t love a good throwback picture? Well the “Until tomorrow” challenge on Instagram is for you. That is, if you like posting embarrassing and cringy pictures of yourself as a pre-teen. This challenge starts off with a DM from a friend with instructions on how to play. Basically, if you like their photo, they send a direct message telling you to post your embarrassing photo and you have to keep it up for 24 hours. Sounds easy enough, that is if you're ready for the screenshots from your friends to make a new meme.

Do you think you can participate in this challenge?

Looking for a way to get your parents involved in TikTok dance? “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd is the perfect dance song. The group dance challenge consisted of at least three, So grab mom and dad, brother and sister, or even grandma and grandpa to help partake in this hot dance challenge.

  • “When the Quarantine is over” party challenge

There is no official name for this challenge, but one thing is for sure we’re all preparing for this quarantine to be over. TikTok offers an effect that looks like your at a party with disco lights and music, and people have been using this as preparation to hit the clubs after social distancing or a remembrance on how going out used to be.

Check it out here

  • “Baby come give me something new” dance challenge

Grab your friends and families for the group dance challenge. “Something New” by Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign is an addicting song where friends and families go one by one performing the same dance.

Check it out here

So next time you’re bored of sitting around, join in on the social media challenges. Tweet us @Meeman901 your videos.

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