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  • Shyla Harrah

The rise and fall of the Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America organization was founded on February 8th, 1910. Since then, they have become the largest scouting organization, but they aren’t without their problems. Due to so many claims of sexual abuse, the organization has filed for bankruptcy. So what exactly does this mean for the Boy Scouts? It means that the organization can keep operating and the victims in these lawsuits would eventually receive compensation.

Tim Kosnoff, a lawyer for a group called “Abused in Scouting,” says that while he’s open to hearing how the organization intends to reform itself, he finds it “difficult to impossible” to envision the Boy Scouts finding a way to continue to operate, even with restructured finances.

With the company trying to restructure itself, they would have to change the entire makeup of the foundation. This would mean no overnight trips with a scout leader, no boy scouts would be allowed to be alone with one adult and the outdoor portion of their training would have a lot more supervision.

With more and more victims coming out every day The Boy Scouts of America is going to have a tough time restructuring themselves and lasting long into the future.

In your opinion, do you think the Boy Scouts made the right decision? Help continue the discussion by commenting down below.

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