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  • Jael Hardaway

No Judgment Zone

If you did not think rappers could not get any more versatile with their creativity and what they do, read how Swae Lee is partnering with Giuseppe Zanotti to expand his brand with gender-neutral fashion designs and heeled boots.

Everyone wants to know what made Swae Lee do it or even more so why. In an interview with Sunflower on Feb 18tho FootNews and he states, "A lot of [rappers] are scared" he said. "They want to think the old ways and put a limit on.... I'm not scared to be different," according to XXL.

The collection includes three different pairs of heeled boots. One pair is a powder pink ankle boot with a thick heel. In the same interview, Zanotti stated that Swae Lee brought his own sketches to help out with the design. Lee is not at all afraid of the backlash he may get or has got since the announcement of his collaboration. According to Hot New Hip-hop, Swae Lee states in an interview, "It was up to me to make the most key part of the outfit, so it was way different. Now I'm helping people with their well-being. This is their image. That's important."

How do you feel about Swae Lee’s approach to this? Do you think it was brave and a true definition of no cares giving? Comment your thoughts below!

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