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Reddit: Let's Not Meet, but Make it a Murderer

Do you ever scroll through YouTube videos of people reading off scary stories?

It’s a pretty common video trend and one user, cjades, has made this her channel’s niche. She often reads Reddit stories ranging from “Let’s Not Meet” to “Paranormal Experiences”.

In her most recent YouTube video titled, “this "lets not meet" story was evidence for a murder | true crime” she dives into her last Reddit story reading’s shocking end.

In the original video of this story, cjades was clearly shocked because she never reads through the whole story before filming.

In the story, the girl narrating was about 6 years old during this event. She had gone to her mother’s office with her after hours to pick up important files.

After her mother had parked the car, the mother noticed that there was a man parked directly behind her just lingering in his vehicle. This gave the mother an uneasy feeling, so she decided to wait it out.

Once she gathered that the man was not moving any time soon, she quickly got her daughter and walked to the door, where everyone who entered needed a pass. She thought this would protect them, as the chance of this mystery man having an access card was low.

To the mother’s horror, she heard him open the door with a pass almost immediately after them. He held the elevator and offered to share it with them, but the mother faked a phone call on the off chance something could happen inside the elevator.

Later, after safely receiving the files from her office, the mother decided to wait about 10 minutes before leaving the building. She decided it was safer to take the sound-proof stairwell on the way down to avoid a possible run in with the strange man. The two, mother and child, made it back to their car safely and the girl telling the story thought that was the whole story.

This was until she brought it up to her mom years later and her mother’s face turned white.

It was then that the girl learned what her mother had hidden from here all those years ago.

That same creepy man was later discovered to be an upset husband who had stormed out of his mediation meeting with his wife who wanted a divorce.

He was then reported to have stalked his soon-to-be ex-wife and waited until she rode the elevator as she left at the scheduled end time of the meeting.

He then brutally murdered his wife by stabbing her over a hundred distinct times with kitchen scissors in that same elevator the mother and daughter had rode in earlier.

Understandably, cjades found this story both shocking and horrifying. Her usual videos include recounts of creepy strangers, but never actual murderers. In her second upload about this story she delved into the gritty details and reacted more to his acts, rather than the girl’s point of view.

How terrified would you be to read about a true story like this?

To read more about this story and the details of the homicide, visit here for the links!

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