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New Meeman 901 Visions in 2020

New year, new things happening within Meeman 901 Strategies. We have a new team, a new meeting space, new clients and a new brand all happening within the firm.

Under firm director Corinne Baldwin (aka me), graduate assistant Kix Patterson and faculty advisor Prof. Kim Marks, team members of Meeman 901 Strategies are working as account leads, executives, strategists, designers, social media managers, operations managers and more. Our clientele this semester includes the 2020 AEJMC Southeast Colloquium, the 2020 PRSSA Conference, the University of Memphis Department of Journalism & Strategic Media, the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music, and our own internal media operations.

Our Team

This semester, we have one of the largest teams that we have had in several semesters for Meeman 901 Strategies. We have 21 students (including me), plus Kix and Kim, working towards our common goal of being the “doers” of strategic communications. These team members are skilled in design, copywriting, strategic planning, content planning and more. They are a team of leaders and creatives, and we couldn’t be more excited for the semester to come.

Our Space

We are over-the-moon excited to not be meeting in a classroom this semester! Instead, Meeman 901 gets to meet in a collaboration room that has been completely remodeled over the past few months. The room is Memphis Blue, with several collaboration tables that make meetings much easier and more efficient.

There is also a large television screen in the room, which really helps with group collaboration and presentations. When I have to present a workshop or show examples of work, it’s easy for me to show that on the screen while working directly from my laptop.

Our Clients

We have 5 really fun and unique clients that we are working with this semester. The first of these is the 2020 AEJMC Southeast Colloquium. We are hosting this conference here at the University of Memphis, and we have team members creating all of the programming for it alongside our assistant department chair Dr. Matt Haught. Led by Creative Mass Media major Rachel Crawford, this team will be designing programs, brochures, swag bags and more for the attendees of the colloquium.

Meeman 901 Strategies is also partnering directly with the Public Relations Student Society of America to plan the PRSA International Conference in November. Led by Public Relations major Aly Brandon, alongside our graduate assistant Kix Patterson, this team is managing all of the event planning, promotion and logistics for the conference.

A new client that Meeman 901 Strategies has partnered with this semester is the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music at the University of Memphis. This account is led by Public Relations major Autumn Keller, and the team will be working on promotional materials via social media for the upcoming audition season for the school.

Our firm is also continuing our work for the Mid-South LGBTQ+ Archive. Advertising major Shyla Harrah is taking over the account, previously led by team member Denzel Alexander. The team will be working alongside Dr. Robby Byrd of the Department of Journalism and Strategic Media to create and manage content for the Archive’s social media.

The last of Meeman 901 Strategies’ clients for the semester is, well, Meeman 901 Strategies. We are working hard this semester to revamp our brand, as well as our social media and website. Taylor Thompson, a Creative Mass Media major, is taking the lead on this account, alongside 8 other members of our team.

Looking Ahead …

Meeman 901 Strategies has a semester that will really be changing the game for the firm. With as many new things as we have going on, we will be experiencing a lot of growth and change throughout the semester.

To keep up with the new things that Meeman 901 Strategies is accomplishing this semester, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, and keep up with our blog posts here!

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