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  • Ryan Stark

Discontinued Vine app returns under new name

Vine, launched in 2013, was a sensational social media app that was well-known for its six-second video platform. Users’ creativity was tested with the short time limit to make engaging content in the form of videos that “loop,” or replay themselves. Vine birthed careers for some of today’s social media stars such as Jake Paul, King Bach and Shawn Mendes. The app was discontinued in January 2017 and many users were upset about the sudden cancellation. Three years later, on January 24, 2020, Vine returned in the form of a new app for iOS and Android called Byte.

Dom Hoffman, the co-founder of Vine, worked on Byte as a successor of Vine for over two years. The new app shares a lot of Vine’s features, including the six-second time limit for videos and the looping feature. Like most social media platforms, Byte’s platform includes a user profile, home feed, explore page and notifications. With former Vine stars like Brandon Bowen, Lance Stewart and Nash Grier already using Byte, it truly does feel like Vine all over again.

Byte is still in an early stage and will be seeing dramatic changes in the future, according to a Twitter post from Hoffman on January 26. Users will be seeing the addition of the ability to like comments, creation features and more. Hoffman has also announced a new partnership program.

Byte’s Partner Program gives creators who are in the program 100% of ad revenue during the pilot stage. According to the description of the Partner Program, creators can earn more money as they gain more views and enter higher Viewership Brackets.

Download Byte for free today on the App Store and Google Play.

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