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  • Aly Brandon

Beyoncé has changed the game, yet again

In January 2020, Beyonce teased the new drop of her Ivy Park clothing line partnership with Adidas on her Instagram. As Beyoncé is one of the top followed people on Instagram and is known for her faithful fan base “the Bee Hive,” you can only imagine the buzz around this new collection. The buzz didn’t stop at Beyoncé’s page though, as tons of celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon, Yara Shahidi, Ciara and many more posted videos of her PR packages for the new collection.

Beyoncé’s team did not disappoint when it came to creating an Instagram worthy PR package. The gifts were delivered in a large, bright orange box, and were left in the driveways of many A-list celebrities. The packages featured the entire collection on a clothing rack that was Ivy Park branded. As you can imagine, getting a huge PR package from Beyoncé is something everyone wants on their Instagram. Not only were Beyoncé’s Ivy Park PR packages creative in their packaging, but they were definitely something Instagram had to see.

Ivy Park’s PR packages were just one example of how effective this PR tactic can be when creating buzz around a new product or line. As Beyoncé always does, she took it to the next level. These PR packages were 100% effective in getting organic exposure, showcasing the new collection and spreading Ivy Park to different audiences.

Where do the future of PR packages and gifting lie? Did Beyoncé set the new standard for PR packages in the fashion industry? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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