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Another Conspiracy Theory or Haters Just Talking

Adarious Smith is better known as Lil Migo in Memphis, TN. At first, he was well-known for making money and selling designers at a young age. Then, there was a push on him to pursue rap music. His most popular song and the music video was “Rockstar”. From there, he started taking his music more seriously. Many Memphians have been bumping to his music and supporting him.

All the attention on him caught Yo Gotti’s attention. He created a post on his Instagram requesting someone to let Lil Migo know about an offer for him. He offered Lil Migo to sign with CMG for $500,000. Many people were telling him to take Yo Gotti’s offer and it’s a big opportunity for him and Plug Brudaz. He took the offer and privately signed to CMG into Heavy Camp. Right now, he is on tour with Blac Youngsta. But who would know that offer include having blood on his hands.

Unfortunately, he lost his cousin, CEO Bankboy Wayne, before they could make it big together. He died on Black Friday as Lil Migo got announced for his signing with CMG. In the interview with Lil Migo, he stated that Bankboy Wayne went to the barbershop and someone shot him in the car. It’s not confirmed whether it was planned or not. The last time when Lil Migo and Wayne were together was when they had a show together before the incident occurred. The Plug Brudaz and him created a hashtag for him which was #BankNevaClosed.

With that information about death and signing, people started to add pieces together, which led to a conspiracy theory. They were convinced that Lil Migo killed Bankboy Wayne to get signed. Or he hired people to kill Bankboy Wayne at the time. At first, people thought Lil Migo only got signed for his image, not his music. His image matches with Yo Gotti, Blac Youngsta, and Moneybagg Yo. All the posts on his social media always would be with his money, driving an expensive car and just living a rich life. That’s how most of the Memphians knew about him and nothing more. Even Bankboy’s family believed that Lil Migo killed him for fame and money. One of his cousins found it disrespectful that Lil Migo still went to perform when he heard

about his death.

In the past with the music industry, rappers have to sacrifice one of their family members or loved ones to get fame and fortune. There have been rumors about a secret society called,” Illuminati.” Many celebrities have been accused of being members in the Illuminati like Beyonce, Megan Thee Stallion, YNW Melly, Never Broke Again Youngboy, and many more. But people don’t have enough pieces of evidence to say that Lil Migo killed BankBoy Wayne. Their cousin, Mack Queze, confirmed that Lil Migo and Wayne were in different locations during the incident. Also, he stated that Lil Migo been had money way before all music came in.

Are people making these rumors about him because he got famous fast? Is it out of jealousy and hatred? Where is the evidence to make these assumptions? Send me your answers to these questions.

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