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  • Marvin Wilkins

Kanye’s Mental Health And The Effect on His Brand

Celebrities are helping bring awareness to the importance of taking care of mental health. Many people know who Kanye West is, and they are also aware of his mental illness. West was diagnosed with bipolar disease in 2016, according to an interview with David Letterman.

Bipolar disorder is a manic-depressive illness. It causes mood swings and affects one’s energy levels and ability to carry out their daily tasks.

West has suffered from many bipolar episodes, his most recent being his breakdown during a concert in 2016. His breakdown during his 2016 Sacramento concert left him hospitalized.

Critics believed that his last mental breakdown was going to destroy his brand, however, it had another effect.

West, also known as Ye, released an album about his mental health titled Ye. “I hate being bipolar, it’s awesome,” was written on the cover of the album.

West discussed various topics on this album, and he also gave his supporters insight into how he and his loved ones have been affected by this disease.

Kanye opening up about his struggles could have helped his brand and regained the attention of his supporters. The album plus him opening up gave people that suffer from similar mental diseases a platform and a public figure to relate to.

West has become a pioneer for mental health awareness. Many have followed since Kanye has opened up and made his struggles public, and mental health has become a major conversation on social media. According to a report from RiteTag, #mentalhealth has been used over one million times between Twitter and Instagram.

What do you think about how Kanye’s mental diseases has affected his brand? Go to our social media, find the post about this blog and let us know.

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