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  • Imani Woolfolk

Newbies Guide to Black Friday Shopping

It’s that time of the year again for the biggest shopping day of the holiday season. If you’re an OG Black Friday, shopper you know what to expect during this chaotic shopping experience. For the newbies, here are 5 tips for surviving Black Friday.

1. Skip the lines & go online.

Now typically this is best saved for Cyber Monday, but If you don’t plan to spend your day off standing in long lines, fighting over items or going out in the cold after Thanksgiving dinner, then online shopping is the way to go. Online shopping can be most efficient because you create your own shopping experience. All you gotta do is log on, scroll through store websites and checkout. Most stores use online shopping to their advantage and offer the best online deals as in stores. There is a high volume for online shopping and companies know this so they typically have more quantity of products. Would you rather camp outside for a new tablet or buy it online from the comfort of your couch?

2. Make a list.

Some people want to experience the full Black Friday shopping experience, which is going out to stores and making the rounds. Make sure to create a shopping list of items you want or potentially need before heading out. This saves you time from going up and down each aisle and keeps you from making impulse purchases.

3. Compare prices.

Don’t settle for the first store you have in mind, Some stores have better deals than others. Make sure to price compare to see which store is offering the better deal.

4. Social media is your friend.

Make sure to check out a company’s social media pages to see if they have any deals. Typically, you can find exclusive coupon codes and special offers that you can’t find anywhere else.

5. Bring a Buddy!

Don’t tackle the stores by yourself. Grab your friends, cousins, mom/dad, grandma/grandpa or even kids to help navigate your way through the stores. Two sets of eyes never hurt anyone and it can make Black Friday shopping much more memorable.

To ensure you have an efficient post Thanksgiving shopping spree. Remember to be safe, check store hours and deals, and be kind to the workers.

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