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  • Christian Anderson

3 Unwritten Rules of Social Media

Social media has become one of the most prevalent parts of everyday life in the last decade. With its increase in use, people and companies alike have used platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay connected, and strengthen brands.

Working for media companies could mean that there are some rules when running a media page. Also, different platforms have different terms and conditions users have to follow. What are some of the do’s and do-not’s when using these applications?

1. Don't Run Away From Negative Comments

It can seem easy sometimes to shy away from negativity online. Only responding to positive comments can prevent the opportunity of discovering potential problems, or even keep a company from swaying potential consumers. Of course there are trolls here and there, but using social media correctly can flip a negative situation to a positive one.

2. Self Promotion is Great...but don’t over do it.

Ideally, the entire branding of a person or company on social media is self promotion. However, it can be annoying if done incorrectly. There’s a time and place for everything, and spamming the newest product under an unrelated viral video is neither the time nor place.

3. More doesn’t always mean better.

Platforms have different specialities. Twitter is great for updates and engaging with users, Instagram is great for pictures and video. There’s no need to post every single thing on every single platform. The last thing a company wants to do is overstay their welcome on their users’ timelines, and make them want to unfollow.

At the end of the day rules were meant to be broken. Special cases and exceptions exist and don’t have to abide by these rules. Honestly as long as you’re creative and clever, and users enjoy your content, you can get by with almost anything.

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