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  • Nandi Mbassi Nkoa

Rise and Shine Goes Viral

On October 10, Kylie Jenner released a 16-minute video of her KylieCosmetics/KylieSKIN office. At the end of the video Jenner goes to wake up her 1-year old daughter Stormi, and sings a short, off-key “riiise and shiiine”.

The short segment from the video turned into an overnight sensation. Everyone across the United States was singing the three words and posting videos. Ariana Grande even posted a clip to her instagram singing in the same off-key tone as Jenner asking if she could sample the tune to which Jenner replied, “Of course you can’.

The meme lived for about a day’s time before Jenner ‘ruined’ it and put up merchandise to her Kylie Shop. She added two hoodies: one in white the other in black, with the quote “Riiise and Shiiine” written and a cartoon sun with her face in the center.

Not only did Jenner release the low-quality hoodies, but she also went as far as trademarking the term ‘rise and shine’. All rights to “rise and shine” belong to Kylie Jenner for cosmetics and any clothing items. Fans were not only upset about the poorly-made hoodies, but also about the fact that Kylie just made a huge profit off of something they made viral. Needless to say, her limited “riiise and shiiine” hoodies sold out at a whopping price of $65 per hoodie.

“Kylie Jenner isn’t even funny,” one fan said on Twitter. Other fans claimed that Black twitter brought fame to the meme and she took it the same way her family takes the rest of African American culture.

Regardless of what any of the haters say, Kylie Jenner is always going to secure her bag.

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