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  • Denzel Alexander

Places to Take the Best Fall Photos in Memphis

Move over LA and New York. Memphis is giving you a run for your money for the coolest places to take photos. From murals to city aesthetics and coffee shops, there are places for everyone to get their next best Instagram photo. Let’s talk about some of the best places to shoot in the city this fall.

1. Jones Orchard – Millington, TN

If you’re looking for a small farm time aesthetic for your next photo, Jones Orchard is your place! It’s full of pumpkins, apple orchardsWe’re feeling really gourd about this location

2. Shelby Farms – Memphis, TN

Shelby Farms hosts so many beautiful open fields and ponds to capture for your next photo. It’s perfect for taking family based photos and ones of your furry friends! A good nature shot on your feed? We love to see it!

3. Broad Avenue – Downtown Memphis, TN

We know you’ve seen this cool line of blue streamers in Instagram photos. It’s located on Broad Avenue which also hosts a few garage and wall murals that are EPIC. There’s a BROAD

4. Rooftops – Downtown Memphis, TN and East Memphis

If you love a good city aesthetic, go for the highest points of the city. The Peabody Rooftop, Hu Hotel Rooftop, Clark Tower, and the Peabody Parking Garage hosts some of the cities best picturesque spots!

5. Riverside – Downtown Memphis, TN and Harbor Town

It may be a tad chilly, but capturing the perfect shot around 5:00 p.m. next to the Mighty Mississippi would be golden hour goals for your social media feeds! If you really want to spice things up, head to the top of Beale Street Landing for the perfect bridge shot!

Are you ready to take on the quest of capturing the best social media photo in the city? Upload your shots to Twitter, and tag us at @meeman901 so we can share them!

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