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  • Imani Woolfolk

Jane the N-word Sayer?

Jane the Virgin actress, Gina Rodriquez, faced backlash for using the n-word while singing along to a song on her Instagram live story.

Rodriquez has since deleted the video and issued a video apology on her Instagram story stating she was “singing along” to her favorite song, “Ready or Not” by Lauryn Hill and the Fugees and her was not her intention was not to offend anyone.

Later on she she posted a more in-depth apology on her Instagram.

This isn’t the first Rodriquez showed her true colors toward the black community. Not only did she fail to acknowledge the very people offended in her apology by referring to the Black community as “community of color,''she has a history of making anti-black comments while advocating for Latinx representation in Hollywood. Though her efforts were to bring awareness to her own community she constantly throws jabs at Black actresses in Hollywood that ultimately pits women of color against each other.

Rodriquez’s comments brought on controversial conversation that anti-black racism can exist among other people of color.

The conversations have continued and are raising a deeper issue of non-blacks using the N-word while singing along to songs.

The answer is simple. If you’re not Black,don’t say it.

Singing along to a song is not an excuse or a right of passage to say the word.

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