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  • Hannah Ferguson

How to Build Your Social Media

If you put everything you have into something that is already growing, such as your social media, it will all come to fruition. This is referring to building your social media accounts, whether it be for your business or for your personal branding. Below are some tips on how to grow your social media without losing yourself in the process.

Pour Your Heart Out

Pour your heart out, whether that be in the videos you post, the captions that you write or the podcast you record. If people see that you are being authentic and raw, people will resonate with that, and follow you on social media sites because you are being honest. Don’t be afraid to be judged because this authenticity will have a positive impact on everyone who chooses to follow you.

Create Quality Content

If it takes you 2 to 4 days to get that perfect video, picture or caption so be it. The quality of your content outweighs the amount of times you post per day/week. When you get into a place on social media where you begin to make money, re-invest that into your business/channel. That could mean that you hire a photographer, videographer or editor. Your followers will begin to see an improvement in the overall quality of your site, and will continue to follow and support you. Investing back into yourself always pays off. Here is an article that shows how the quality of your social media content can really up your social media likes.

Stay Relatable

Social Media used to be a place where people could make their lives seem perfect. Over the years, it has slowly started to change. More and more people are starting to point out the not so perfect parts of their lives, because that is way more relatable than the prior. Be more open about the struggles of your life. That can include body positivity, relationships, faith or your career. Staying open about these things will make you relatable, and that is important these days when people are figuring out if your journey is worth following.

Do you have any other tips and tricks when it comes to building your social media? Let us know in the comments!

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