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  • Hannah Ferguson

How Social Media Influencers Impact Brand Advertisements

Since the rise of social media back in 2008, companies/brands have been finding new ways to advertise their brands to people around the world. Instead of having to advertise/promote on television, radio, newspaper or billboards, companies can now advertise to consumers all over the world through apps such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Influencers have impact not only on people in America- but people from all over the world. This article explains that since social media channels are the go-to source for product and brand information, more and more companies have to get creative when promoting their products.

Celebrities, such as LeBron James, Kendall Jenner and Peyton Manning, have had endorsements from companies for years, including Nike, Gatorade, Adidas, Coca Cola, etc. However, the general public has a hard time relating to those people. With the rise of social media, influencers are mostly average Americans that have large followings thanks to YouTube channels, are now the endorsers, not celebs.

Influencers are more relatable to the general public than celebrities are.These people have pretty normal jobs, such as desk jobs or working on platforms such as YouTube. Because these folks have YouTube Channels that makes it seem like they have “personal” connections with their audience, those people are more likely to TRUST their favorite YouTuber reviews on products. Influencers can put products on their Instagrams for a great amount of money, resulting in new ways for brands to advertise. These brands are now associated with YouTubers and influencers, rather than their actual products. This is now the new way for companies and organizations to advertise.

Do you have any thoughts about the change of how brands promote themselves? Let me know in the comments!

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