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  • Gaby Hairston

5 Tips Every New YouTuber Should Know

1. ​Post as frequently as possible.

Posting a lot of content on YouTuber gives your channel the opportunity to gain more viewers. The more you post, the more your videos will circulate to new viewers and promote subscriptions to your channel.

2. Choose video topics that are trending.

Almost every month, there’s a new video or challenge that’s trending online. Staying ahead of the game and posting videos that are going to be easily searched will help bring traffic to your channel. For example, a few months ago videos where “people ordered the same exact thing as the person in front of them ordered” was everywhere on YouTube. People who made a video doing this at that time had a better chance of getting their content viewed because of how many people were searching for these videos.

3. Stay Consistent.

Many YouTube channels fail because the content creator doesn’t stay consistent. Create a schedule that works for you,: whether it's every day, every other day or once a month. Once you create a schedule and stick to it, you’ll find it easier to stay on track which leads to a successful channel.

4. Be YOU!

Many people tend to lose themselves on the internet because of what’s trending just to fit in. There’s nothing wrong with keeping up with trends, but if you continue to be yourself, you'll have a much more genuine channel that will lead to subscribers that are there to last.

5. Most importantly … have fun!

Don’t start a YouTube channel believing you’ll instantly be making millions of dollars. Overnight success isn’t promised to anyone.-Be sure that creating content is something that you actually enjoy doing. This way you’ll have a hobby doing something you love and building your brand all at the same time.

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