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  • Rose Johnson

3 Popular Halloween Movies for Spooky Season

Cool weather, sweaters and hot chocolate are a few of the many things that tie into the color-changing season of Fall. Let's not forget the coming of Halloween...or should I say, “Spooky Season”? All October long, you can check out networks that have Halloween specials running such as Freeform’s ‘31 Nights of Halloween’, Syfy’s ‘31 Days of Halloween, and Disney Channel’s ‘Monstober’.

Looking for a network won’t be a problem to find where you want to watch your Halloween specials, but it can be difficult to choose what movies are worth cutting your TV on.

Here’s a guide to 3 of the most popular spooky specials that people have grown to love and maybe it’ll put you in the direction of where you’d want to start!

  1. Hocus Pocus

This Halloween classic will have you feeling nostalgic. Join 3 witches that were hung for their witchcraft back in the 17th century of Salem, Massachusetts as they go on a hunt for immortality.

  1. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

If you want to watch a Halloween movie that isn’t so, “Halloweeny”, then come along with Linus and the Peanut Gang to find out if the Great Pumpkin is real. This is another Halloween classic you’ll be sure to enjoy!

  1. Halloween

This is a movie where you might want to grab a friend—this is the definition of a spooky movie! A man by the name of Michael Myers, who was institutionalized for murdering his older sister and stepfather, returns to his hometown to hunt down his younger sister.

If you’re looking for more spooky movies to keep you entertained this Halloween season, check out additional movie line-ups at

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