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  • Kareem Khudheir

WSHS Homecoming Breaks Boundaries

This past Friday, September 27th, high school student Brandon Allen made headlining news when awarded the title “Homecoming Royalty” at White Station High School for their senior homecoming game.

This election caused a lot of controversy that national networks, including NBC, CNN and many others, picked up the story. After the picture was posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the post went viral causing many people to react with mixed feelings.

People from all around the country saw the event and a lot of them had feedback.

Many people on social media felt as though the Homecoming “King and Queen” should have been left untouched being that it has been this way for decades. Others felt that is was an awesome thing, with others saying if he was gonna run for the position of a queen he should have been a little more “queen.”

All in all, Principle Carrye Holland said, “It’s the students’ choice on who they want to win homecoming royalty.”

Holland also stated that she is proud to be the principle of WSHS and says she “loves and supports everyone regardless of who they are or what they believe.” Joris M. Ray, Superintendent of Shelby County, also agreed that the election is completely the students’ decision.

What are your thoughts on the Homecoming Royalty winner? Comment and share below!

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