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  • Gaby Hairston

Nobody Watches Anymore!

The emmys flopped. At least that’s what most people on the internet are saying.

An award show that used to bring millions of viewers didn’t do as well as expected given its viewings in past years’. The emmys follow a business model that is becoming antique. They mainly use the award show to promote the upcoming seasons of primetime television, which has also gone down to online streaming due to the increase in binge watching.

The awards are three hours long and uses less entertainment than most do. A show like this needs to have an all time high of entertainment to keep viewers interested.

On top of the lack of entertainment, the show was hostless. This supposedly came from The Oscars opting out of having a host. However, it didn’t keep people interested.

Surprisingly, stars like Taraji P. Henson also didn’t help the award show gain any glory. While giving an award to her co-star on the hit show “Empire,” she forgot her lines. That didn’t go over well with fans.

People took to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with questions including, “Why does this award show even exist?”

While the views did go down 22 percent, television networks still gained profit from advertising.

Did you watch The Emmys? If so, what did you think? If not, why not? Drop your thoughts below!

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