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Minimal or doing the most? Current trends in design

Minimal color schemes: colors that are pulled from nature or are just different shades and hues of the same color.

Using naturally-occurring colors or simple color palettes can help your design look clean, and will also help your design feel more cohesive.

Minimalistic logo and branding designs: keeping it simple, yet clean and concise.

Using simple geometric elements with clean fonts makes your design look professional and modern, without having too many graphic elements that can outweigh your logo.

Abstract geometrical designs

When you pair this element with a nice minimalist color scheme can create very visually appealing designs. Also, if you have an abstract shape in your design, adding a gradient can add movement (if done correctly).

Whimsical, yet easy to read typefaces.

Typefaces can make or break a design and there are so many to choose from. Right now, a lot of heavy sans serif fonts are in, and so are thinner, decorative fonts.

Lastly, floral elements.

They can be used for print or web design and they can add a really fun, yet simple feel to a design. Floral elements made mostly out of lines are a great way to add some personality to your design.

Let us know what your favorite trend is in the comments!

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