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Famous Social Media Doggos

Check out the “Pet Age” that has taken social media by storm with many famous social media dogs. These dogs act as celebrities and have thousands to millions of followers on platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. These famous dogs have become so popular through their pet owners who take the initiative to create their furry friends an account. Here are a few loving animals that many users on social media adore:

Boo the Pomeranian

Boo, the Pomeranian who was named the, “Cutest Dog in the World”. His owner set up a Facebook page in 2009 with photos of the adorable Pomeranian dressed up in different doggy outfits, showing him getting into mischief with his pal Buddy, his Pomeranian partner in crime.

Sadly, Buddy passed away in 2017. Two years later, Boo passed away from heart issues. His owner believes that Boo died from a broken heart from missing his best friend, Buddy.

Though Boo is gone, he is not forgotten. Boo left behind more than 16 million loving followers on Facebook. Prior to his passing, he made guests appearances on television and even has his own book titles, ‘Boo- The Life of the World’s Cutest Dog’.

Parker Buddons

This famous pup is a tiny brussels's griffon breed who has a natural mean mug, but she is the sweetest. On Instagram she has 35.9k followers and she mentions in her bio, "I dig attractive men, naps in the sun, spazzing, invading personal space and snuggles.”

You may know of Parker from this meme that surfaced on twitter when many users believed she resembled the rapper, Lil Uzi.

The resemblance is definitely there!

Ernie’s Journey

Ernie is also a Brussels Griffon like Parker, but they have a few differences. Ernie is a longer breed, doesn’t mean mug, and he’s also kind of awkward. He has 121K followers on Instagram and his bio reads,

"Country boy. Spiritual. Gluten Sensitive. ARIES. Chivalry isn’t dead, fellas.”

These are only a few of the beloved social media puppers that many users on social media adore. There are several other popular dogs and other pets that have a huge following and a unique platform. Discover what it’s like to be an owner of a famous furry pet, join the wave of the Pet Age.

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