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  • Nandi Mbassi Nkoa

Savage X Fenty Redefines the Term Sexy Forever

Robyn Fenty, more prominently known as Rihanna, put on the biggest lingerie fashion show of 2019.

During the lingerie show, Rihanna featured models of all shapes, sizes, races, abilities, and genders. The show featured trans models, amputee models, plus sized models and anyone in any category you can think of.

This was a huge deal in the realm of inclusivity because in the past, Savage X Fenty’s biggest competitor, Victoria’s Secret, has refused to use plus sized or trans models or anyone else who didn’t fit the fantasy.

Harper’s Bazaar credit Rihanna by saying her show was “projected through the female lens,” and not by what society thinks that men want.

The show was a great example of how sexiness cannot be defined by anyone's terms but your own. Rihanna made everyone feel this way by representing people of all orientations and backgrounds.

The legendary fashion show was streamed exclusively on the Amazon Prime platform and you can watch the all inclusive fashion show here: Savage X Fenty Fashion Show.

How do you feel about inclusivity when it comes to the world of high fashion? Comment down below!

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