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Five Memphis bloggers that went to UofM

Memphis, TN, is home to more than just blues music and barbecue. The city hosts some of the most creative people in the world (and the most stylish)! Today we’re giving you insight on a few bloggers and influencers that attended The University of Memphis.

Megan Sullivan.

(@megonomics101) /

If you’re looking for fun colors to add to your wardrobe or the best snacks around, Megan is your girl! Since graduating with her double major degree in accounting and marketing from the University of Memphis, Megan is blogging full-time and even ran her own online boutique!

Denzel Alexander

( @denzeljalexander) /

If you add street-style and an Instagram aesthetic together, you’ll get Denzel. He’s currently managing a social media and blog influence while also being a full-time student. Alexander is a Creative Mass Media major at the University of Memphis, and putting what he learns in school towards his social influences. His content has earned him brand deals with ASOS, Express, Coach, and many more!

Kim Thomas

(@kpfusion) /

Kim is the QUEEN of the Memphis bloggers and influencers! She runs a successful life and style blog, while running around Memphis as one of the most decorated photographers in the city. Her beautiful content lands her over 350,000 views monthly across her social platforms. This is one successful Tiger!

Michael Butler Jr.

(@_one901) /

Michael Butler is one of Memphis’ most well-known creatives, and his work shows why. Butler was an electrical engineering major at Memphis, which landed him right in his career path after school. When he’s not at his full-time job, Butler acts as a photographer, videographer, and blogger. If you love all things Memphis, his content will work for you.


(@accordingtoq) /

Last, but not least, is Quaneshia. Sass, style and wit are three words to describe this former Tiger and her brand! Quaneshia attended graduate school at Memphis and majored in education. She was a teacher for seven years before settling into her current career as a nurse practitioner! She runs a personal blog dedicated to all things fashion and motherhood.

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