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  • Rosa Perez

Not So Secure Nest

Has our privacy always been invaded or are new technologies opening our homes? In today’s world with different technological advancements, privacy has become a significant concern. Shortly following Apple’s privacy bug, Google notified consumers that their Nest Secure can be turned into a Home Mini with the click of a button.

After their announcement, customers learned that Google’s Nest Secure has a built in microphone that was not disclosed in the specs. The recent discovery raised concerns pertaining consumer privacy.

The company responded by telling consumers to not worry about the news. In support to their statement, they added that the microphone was never enabled. And followed by saying that not disclosing the mic was an error on the company’s part.

Occurrences like this one have been more prominent in the media in the recent year. Another company that has had similar issues was Amazon. According to an article on, Alexa recorded a family’s conversation and sent it to a contact on their phone.

With companies like Amazon and Google, have we signed away our privacy? Let us know what you think on our twitter @Meeman901.

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