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'Tis the Season to Create PR Buzz

Competing for the most appealing campaign during the holiday season can be quite challenging. Implementing the right techniques and tactics can help make your PR buzz “the reason for the season”… well not really, but below are some concepts that will turn your PR game from the Grinch to Santa.

Win the Season with feel-good, enticing content

The holidays are a great time to create content that will entice audiences celebrating the season. Be creative. Apply seasonal graphics, greetings, etc., but be unique. Be inspirational. Produce work that reflects your company, but also give it a feel-good sensation. Find out who your audience is and determine what will do the trick when it comes to PR tactics.

Acquire Holiday Coverage by using products or merchandise

Shoppers are always looking for the hottest new item. There is no better time than the holidays to promote products or merchandise, seasonal or not. Shopping is at an all-year high from November-December. Draw them in and differentiate yourself from other companies. Capture their interest by festively showing off your merchandise, products or services.

You can never go wrong with a charitable campaign

This concept will be tugging at your audience’s heartstrings, having them possibly grabbing the tissues. Using a charitable campaign will not only make your audience remember you but the charity in need as well. It’s simply a win-win.

Your Holiday Campaigns can include your employees

You can make a campaign more personable by including your employees. This is a time of thankfulness and unity. Use them to get the message out!​

Utilize classic Christmas characters

No one can resist our favorite characters from the many classic holiday movies we all know and love. Although it may be cheesy, the audience will appreciate the sentiment and enjoy the added holiday cheer. However, If you are going to choose a character, at least choose one almost everyone knows so everyone can relate!

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