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  • Hannah Fanning

How Social Media Brands Combat Social Issues

Social media can be used for more than just posting selfies, boosting ego with likes and followers, and making branded social media posts. Brands are realizing that using various platforms to create conversations and make a change are worth much more. Not only brands, but influencers, and people like you and me can do the same thing. Social media is such a vast communication medium, it has become the perfect place to advocate for various social issues and bring awareness. Below are 3 brands that used their platforms for to advocate for something bigger.

  • Airbnb, released a statement on their website in 2017 to acknowledge the recent decisions made by President Trump to turn away refugees traveling to the United States. The statement was part of their #WeAccept campaign, which also aired during a Super Bowl spot to show support to all those affected. The company set a goal to provide short-term housing to individuals affected by disasters, refugees, and relief workers. The message behind the campaign was, “we believe in the simple idea that no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship, you deserve to belong.”

  • Bulletin is a female owned and operated online store and retail space based in New York City that caters to all thing’s women. The company provides a space for women to feel empowered and supported in every way. Bulletin was created to enhance female empowerment and allow business owners to grow their businesses by renting out the Bulletin retail space on a month-to-month basis. The brand uses their various social media platforms to advocate and speak about various issues women face today and provide ultimate girl power.

  • Probably one of my favorite campaigns of 2017. Yoplait yogurt released their Mom On commercial taking a stance against shaming mothers. The commercial showcases various forms of shame that mothers face and it brings awareness to ridiculous things that are said to every type of mother. The campaign slogan is “let’s come together and celebrate the unique ways we all choose to #MomOn. This campaign really showcases how every type of mother faces unnecessary shame for their parenting styles and showing all mothers that they supported, an ode to the haters if you will.

Many brands are using their social media platforms to advocate for organizations, campaigns, and situations in the world that they feel are important. Social media is evolving into much more than just selfies and status updates, it’s becoming a place where voices and be heard and changes are being made. With proper knowledge of social media usage and proper outreach strategies, brands can assist in making changes in the world.

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