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  • Eve Peden

Christmas With The ‘Flix

Netflix is taking over the holidays this season with their variety of holiday movies. Netflix has a new selection called, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Netflix.”

Along with popular holiday movies like White Christmas, The Nutcracker and How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Netflix released their original movies, The Christmas Chronicles a movie about two siblings who try to save Christmas with Santa, The Holiday Calendar which centers on a photographer who inherits an antique calendar that predicts the future and The Princess Switch a movie about two women who look alike and decide to trade places. It’s very Hallmark meets The Parent Trap.

Netflix has been trying to promote more original and mature content over the past year like Outlaw King, a movie starring Chris Pine to increase their stock value. Unfortunately over the past few months Netflix’s stock took a massive nose dive and

only recently has it started to rise back up. This might be due to their new Christmas movies they released this past month.

Netflix has been marketing their new movies toward families. Particularly towards families with young children, trying to reach a different audience. At first this new marketing strategy seemed to be working because their stock went back up, unfortunately this rise does not appear to be sticking as its rise and fall in stock keeps fluctuating.

According to their stock is down 17%. This is a problem for Netflix as they are competing against other streaming sites like Hulu and Amazon Prime and this has investors worried. Their stock shoots up when they report they gained more subscribers than predicted. Netflix appears to be going into to debt to produce more original content.

Moody’s, a business and financial service company said, “We expect leverage to drop gradually over time as the transition from licensed content to produced original content levels off and newer international markets begin to contribute to profits and overall margins improve.”

Hopefully with the releases of their original movies they will see a rise back up in stock and an increase in subscribers.

Do you think their new releases of Christmas movies will help them gain more subscribers?

What do you think they could do to improve how they market their movies?

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