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  • Ashley Harris

3 Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Blog

Engagement, engagement, engagement! This is what keeps blogs and social media pages afloat through all of the noise of the internet. Below you will find ways to start understanding your audience, so that you can begin to increase engagement on your blog.

1. Understanding Your Target Audience

Ask yourself, “What do my readers need from me?” or “Who does my blog help?” The answers to these questions can help you understand who your blog is targeting. Understanding your audience can help build a personal relationship with your readers.

Post content that:

  • motivates them toward your call-to-action

  • makes them feel included within your blog’s community

  • creates action to engage with you and other readers

2. Simply Ask For Their Engagement

Google Forms is a survey tool that allows you to ask readers what type of content they are interested in seeing. Utilize the results to determine which content is more important can even make your readers feel heard. This can help get them involved and can create ownership over the content they read.

3. Create Content In Different Ways

Try mixing it up a bit by utilizing different mediums to produce different types of the same content. Someone in your audience may prefer reading blogs over watching videos and vice-versa. This can also help increase your reach over multiple platforms.

Different content types:

  • Blog posts: listicles, how-to guides, product review, etc.

  • Infographics

  • Online videos

  • Podcasts

Read this blog on Web Analytics to get a more detailed understanding of how your audience engages with your website: “Why You Need to Use Web Analytics.

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