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Top 5 Jobs in Advertising and Marketing

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Advertising is a big, growing industry with teams that work in a wide variety of creative and high-paying jobs. Every ad you see on TV, on websites and even billboards all came from professionals in the field. If you have the mind for creating campaigns and are considering a job in either marketing or advertising, here are the top five jobs with the brightest future as suggested by Forbes magazine.

1. Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Manager

These managers generally plan campaigns, specifically promotional ones, such as coupons and giveaways. They also plan campaigns and which media will be included, like radio, television, print, websites, and billboards. They also negotiate advertising contracts.

Most of these guys work in advertising agencies or in corporate offices and work alongside art directors and sales agents. The pay is pretty nice too, with an average salary of $108,260 a year. The job outlook for this position is at a +14% for those who are interested in landing a future job, but of course, to be a manager, some previous marketing and advertising experience is needed.

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2. Meeting, Convention and Event Planners

Some people are more detail-oriented and would rather plan out all the meetings and events of a company. That’s where the meeting, convention and event planners come in. They will meet with clients, or the agency/company they work for, to identify the purpose of the upcoming meeting or event and then they’ll coordinate all of the necessary aspects of the event or professional meeting including the locations, transportation, date and time and all the other little things that come into play.

Planners can work in offices and onsite at hotels or convention centers or in agencies and travel a lot travel to attend events and visit prospective meeting sites. They get approximately $45,260 a year in salary and have a very strong outlook of +44%.

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3. Film and Video Editor

As you would expect, film and video editors and camera operators manipulate moving images that entertain or inform an audience through video. But how does this relate to advertising? Well, think of any of the ads you have seen on television, or the annoying five-second ads that preview at the start of your YouTube videos. Those video advertisements were shot and edited by film and video editors.

Whether they are actually shooting the footage or just editing, these guys work on teams with other video directors and actors and sometimes art directors. They can work in studios or in agencies and companies and sometimes their work can require them to travel. Their annual salaries are typically around $45,490 and the job outlook for future positions is +4%.

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4. Graphic Designer

Everyone has heard of graphic design, but few actually understand what it is graphic designers do. Well, the truth is that they’re actually fairly diverse. They can work in a variety of different industries, but in the Advertising industry, they mainly focus on designing the graphics for the ads themselves.

Graphic designers usually work with other designers on teams under the leadership of art directors and can work in an agency, a corporate office or even remotely. Then again, some even decide to freelance and work on their own. Their typical yearly salary is about $43,500 and the job outlook is +13%.

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5. Market Research Analyst

If you’re more inclined towards number crunching and research or studying groups of people for data or product satisfaction, this is the job for you. Market research analysts study market conditions to identify potential demand for a product or service. They help companies understand what products people would buy or even how a different product would produce more interest and sales. They answer the big questions of what, who, and at what price. That way, advertisers know who to target their campaigns to get the best result.

Marketing analysts are employed and sought out in virtually every business that wants to sell something. Most work full time during the typical office-job hours but with deadlines and demanding schedules. Sound tedious? Well, at least the pay is good at $60,570 annually and a job outlook of +41%.

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