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  • Cynthia Castor

TikTok, Time To Invest?

Douyin or, more popularly known in the U.S as TikTok, is the newly raved about social media app used primarily by teens. After TikTok outgrew its then competitor Musically, the company absorbed the Musically users, or musers, and now have created one of the largest growing social media platforms. It is also now the world’s most valuable startup valued at $75 billion. The app was popularized in one of the most populated countries, so its reach is far beyond national startups, making it a global phenomenon. The app consists of vertically shot, shortly timed videos from 15 to 60 seconds long, where users recreate or lip sync to famous movie scenes, songs, or just about anything they can memorize and act out. Tik tok is one of the most recently developed apps, dating back to September 2016, so it a fairly new and not yet understood by older audiences. The app has many features including filters and search so to get more in depth explanation here is a helpful guide to the new app.

So why is TikTok so valuable? According to other blogs, it has the potential to create internet famous individuals, such as how vine has created now famous YouTubers. With TikTok having the potential of creating fame, influencers then can be endorsed or have brand deals. They can then use their platform on TikTok to appeal to their followers making advertising seem organic. Just as other social media platforms, TikTok can be useful for different types of content, just how Snapchat can be for short and fast engagement, as explained in our blog about choosing the perfect social media platform.

The app also allows live streaming and some companies like NBCUniversal hosts short second shows. It also incorporates music which can allow growing artists a platform to popularize their music by setting it as a challenge or making a deal with popular users.This shows the variety of opportunities the app can provide to reach a younger audience

So do you think companies should invest in TikTok or what do you think about the ethics in targeting young people?

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