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  • Morgan Perkins

The Battle for the Teenage Audience: Lasso vs Tik Tok

source: PCMag

In a post-Vine era, we have been introduced to two new video social media platforms, Facebook’s Lasso and Bytedance’s Tik Tok.

Tik Tok made its United States debut in August 20118, as Bytedance absorbed the lip syncing sensation It has the same features as while giving users the ability to easily transfer their information onto the new platform. The app already had a loyal following of over 300 million in China, and it is now the most popular app in the world. Marketing has been pointed towards teenagers. Possibly, because they may have been too young for Vine in its heyday, so it feels as if it’s something new. Digiday also found that half of the original users were between the ages of 13 and 17.

November 2018, Facebook launched Lasso, another short video sharing platform. The platform may be interested in the teen population, after the recent Pew survey, that only half of people ages 13 through 17, use Facebook. The survey also concluded that this group favored Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat more. Despite TechCrunch dubbing the new app a “clone” and “knock-off” of Tik Tok, they felt that its beta version is worth a look. The tech news outlet commend the current features such as slo-mo and fast forward recording. Lasso also has a large music catalog due to Facebook’s recent deals with major record labels and publishers.

Tik Tok has surpassed Facebook’s number of downloads. Will Lasso bring them back to the forefront of the social media race?

Visit Google Play or the App Store to decide where your preferences lie. Tik Tok or Lasso?

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