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  • Cynthia Castor

The Ads of Christmas Present

Christmas commercials, they are cheerful, nostalgic, and sometimes a little cheesy, which is what sometimes makes them work. This year, so far, there have been already iconic commercials and new up and coming commercials from familiar brands. Brands such as John Lewis, Waitrose, and Sainsbury release yearly and long-awaited Christmas commercials, however, some of the following top picks for this year include brands like Cricket, Pedigree and Duracell.

The ads were chosen for memorability, uniqueness, entertainment, and overall impact of the brand’s values, so enjoy!

Apple encourages people to share their gift through an animated commercial featuring an inspired girl who is afraid to share her music. At the end, her music sheets fly throughout the town and people are happy she’s given them the gift of creativity.

A family of CGI bears is shown struggling in the heat during Christmas decorating when they get a video call from their family members. The bears from the hot weather decide to fly to their family and they enjoy their Christmas.

Waitrose and Partners makes a playful joke using the top Christmas commercial of the year by John Lewis in their own commercial. A girl tries to show the meaningful ad to her parents but they fast forward through it because they are trying to eat Waitrose and Partner’s food.

Sainsbury has the director of The Greatest Showman direct a commercial featuring a large cast of children dressed in different Christmas staple items. The beginning shows a nervous girl dressed as the Northern Star, who spots her mother in the crowd. She then proceeds to sing with confidence and the curtains open to more children performing. Finally, the child is lifted onto the top a giant tree and the audience gives them a standing ovation.

Honorable Mentions:

Similar to the commercial fast forwarding the John Lewis ad, Waitrose shows the anticipation for their food by showing an elderly lady speeding through the music in a Christmas performance so she can eat one of their products.

Boots from the UK shows the complicated dynamic of a teen and her mother where they struggle to understand each other. The teen daughter catches her mother’s performance and gets inspired to buy her a Christmas gift. The daughter gifts her mom a lipstick and encourages her to keep singing.

Ending with one of the newest yet already iconic ads is John Lewis’ Elton John Ad.

In the new John Lewis ad, legendary artist and piano player Elton John is featured as the subject of the story. He is shown performing ‘Your Song’ throughout the years. The commercial goes back in time to the day he was gifted his first piano. The commercial brings the famous Christmas sentiment John Lewis’ Christmas commercials are known for.

That concludes the top ten Christmas commercials of 2018 so far. There are other lists such as on Brandwatch where there are more amazing Christmas commercials that were not included, so check them out. Let us know your favorites and what you think should be the top commercials.

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