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The 4 Steps of Making a New Graphic

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  1. You brainstorm! Are you making a new logo for a company or maybe even yourself? Maybe you’re working on an infographic for one of your classes. Whatever it is, you have to figure out what kind of graphic you’re creating!

  2. Start your research! Is this new logo for your website or the new bakery down the street? Everyone and everything has its own unique style. For example, an automotive company won’t have the same typography or even the same kind of layout as a children’s hospital. Anything put out for yourself or a company is it’s face and it’s brand!

  3. Strategize! Will this graphic be for social media or for a flyer? Everything about what you’re creating needs to be simple and visible enough to read or view. Unless the graphic or design is eye-catching, we most likely won’t give it very much attention! Understand what you want to say and portray and go with it!

  4. Create your masterpiece! With all of your planning (and probably deleting and starting over), you’re ready to go! Seek second-opinions on your graphic and make changes accordingly. The first round isn’t always perfect and by reviewing and editing, you’ll create something that will be viewed over and over again!

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