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Similarities Between Yoga & Public Relations

When you think of yoga, the words “relaxing” and “tranquil” come to mind; however, when you think of public relations, usually you think “fast-paced” and “challenging.” Despite

the contradiction, these two have similarities in principle such as not harming others, always being honest and never giving in to greed.

PR practitioners follow a code of ethics and yogis follow the eight limbs of yoga. In an article by Sarah Elson, she says, “Those principles serve as guidelines for how to live a meaningful and purposeful life by offering advice for moral and ethical conduct, as well as self-discipline.” Yogis and PR pros approach their own practices in the same ways: having a solid foundation, being non-judgmental, and breathing deeply..

Starting with a Solid Foundation

The third limb of yoga is Asana, which means concentration. Asanas are the poses yogis move through. They portray balance and create discipline. Yogis focus on the body’s core strength as a foundation for each pose.

In PR, having a foundation is pertinent for building relationships with clients. Elson says, “Before diving into media outreach it is important to clarify the client’s key audiences, nail down their messaging, and identify their goals.” These aspects are key to the foundation of any successful campaign.

Make it a NO Judgment Zone

In yoga, the mind must remain unbiased and non-judgmental during meditation. Mindfulness is the practice of acknowledging thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations without judging them and being present within the moment.

The same goes for public relations. PR pros must approach their research and findings in an unbiased manner. As well as, responding non-judgmentally when managing a crisis situation.

Inhale, Exhale and Repeat

Pranayama, is the fourth limb of yoga. It focuses on breathing and learning to control the breath to develop clarity of the mind, body and soul. According to the Yoga Journal, “Yogis believe that it not only rejuvenates the body but actually extends life itself.”

In PR, the fast-paced career leaves little room for breathing, but allowing yourself one minute to take a few deep breaths could be more beneficial than a cup of coffee.

Yoga may not be a go-to practice while in the office, but practicing for five minutes at home can calm the body and clear the mind for what lies ahead.

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