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  • Morgan Perkins

Public Relations As Told By The Real Housewives of Atlanta

New Client=New Research.

Research is a key part of Public Relations that will insure a successful campaign. No worries, you’re prepared for this. Use an audit template to make the task a little easier.

Old School vs New School

You find some of their materials that has a plethora of comic sans and papyrus ~cringe~. This is the moment you can become a teacher to your client. Helping them learn how the industry, and its standards, are evolving.

Helicopter Clients

The client that is always contacting you, wanting status updates. They mean well, and are only excited about the journey you will be on, throughout your professional relationship. However, it’s nice to set boundaries so there won’t be any issues later on.

It's Time To Present

You’ve been working on this new project for months. Making sure you have covered everything on your client’s wish list, as well as diffusing potential bombs that could make the meeting go awry. Now it’s time to show them your hard work.

“I like that idea. How about we…”

You’ve just killed this presentation. The clients love it, and are on board. However, their creative wheels are turning and they’ve come up with an idea completely out of reach and budget. It's your job to let them down nicely, or to compromise with a cost efficient alternative to their ideas.

Don’t get too comfortable...

Once you’ve released your campaign, it's back to the research. It’s time to review your content and analyze how it has performed.

Outsiders Don’t Understand

People tell you that your job must be ~super~ easy. However, they don’t see the late nights of intense staredowns with your computer.

Watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta every Sunday, on BravoTv, at 8pm/7pm central.

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