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  • Morgan Postelle

Is that TMI??

The internet and the media is all around us. This leads to many people using their social media platforms as a way to connect with their world and keep up with the people they follow. Although some people don’t have to worry about what they share online, others have to keep a professional profile.

In the workplace, there is a difference between being authentic and sharing to much of your private life in a formal setting. Throughout time, many characteristics of authenticity seem to have become warped. Some people have adopted the idea that “being honest” and “owning your story” means sharing your deepest darkest secrets with the world.

By using social media to vent your problems and considering colleagues as if they were a shrink, however, can have serious consequences.

Consider why you feel the need to share something with a coworker before you do it. Is it because you trust them or is it because you’re trying to gain sympathy? Are you sharing your health problems because you know it will affect your work ethic?

There are times when it’s necessary to share private information with your managers or boss because you may need the time off. However, sharing to much information inside the workplace can do more bad than good.

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