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  • Julia Gerber

Creative Cloud Connecting to Creative Ideas

Adobe’s Creative Cloud offers over 20 different program applications that do everything from video and audio editing to web developing. Students, teachers and universities get special discounts and packages with the Creative Cloud. They programs all link together and all of your infographics, color pallets, icons and images can be stored in the Creative Cloud library for easy access across all platforms.

Currently, Adobe’s major goals include “igniting creativity in young people” through something they call Project 1324 where “youth create digital media to tell powerful stories for social change.” The program also teaches “underrepresented youth” how to do things like code and program. Adobe is also striving for “driving greater diversity and inclusion” to improve corporate adobe workspaces.

Their Audience includes anyone from “emerging artists to Global brands,” according to the About Adobe page on their official website. So anyone aiming to start out designing, programming, video or audio editing can all start with Adobe no matter what their creative interest is, there’s probably a program for it.

What do you think about Adobe’s message and their tools for creativity? Comment your thoughts below.

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