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  • Eve Peden

Carpool Karaoke Madness

We’ve all probably watched or participated in karaoke at a party. But have you ever had a karaoke party in a car? Most likely not, but it sounds fun. A late night television show called the Late Late Show hosted by James Corden took this idea concept and turned it into a huge hit on his TV show.

It started as a segment solely for the purpose of entertaining the audience. Celebrities, or really their publicists, soon saw how popular it was with people and took it as a marketing and advertising opportunity. Whenever they had any new music or in a few cases new movies coming out they would be featured on carpool karaoke. It’s actually a really good PR move, because it gets them back in the spotlight.

Corden and his featured guest on that episode usually sing that singer’s latest songs. When Lady GaGa joined Corden on his karaoke car segment in 2016 she performed songs from her latest album. Of course we all know that late night shows are great exposure, but it’s also a great marketing strategy. Performers get to show off their pipes and their music. This makes the audience feel they need to buy the album, because they perceive the artist to be relevant.

Corden’s latest guest on his carpool ride was Barbra Streisand, a multi award winning artist and a true legend. Streisand was reluctant to turn on the radio at first stating that she never really turns on the radio to hear music. Soon though Streisand overcame her hesitancy and they were singing to her 1968 song “"Don't Rain on My Parade."

Corden always has segments where he talks to the singers, usually he asks them questions about their journeys in their careers and what inspired them to create their music.

Corden always keeps his show light and always tries to make his guests laugh and feel at ease. While also keeping his audience entertained. Streisand and GaGa are just a few of the many guest he’s had over the years and there’s no doubt he’ll have plenty more guests in the future.

Do you think Corden’s show helps promote the artists’ music?

Do you think it keeps musical guest relevant?

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