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6 Jobs to Land in the Advertising Industry

In the advertising industry there are many job opportunities for individuals interested in the field. From entry-level to corporate-level, there is a wide variety of opportunities that could be just right for you.

Here is a list of six potential careers in Advertising:

Advertising Account Executive

  • Account executives in advertising firms and agencies act as liaisons between the client and agency staff. Account executives develop a professional relationship with clients to determine exactly what they want in the advertisements. They can also have many responsibilities depending on the number of clients booked. Those responsibilities include presenting campaign strategies and ideas to clients, negotiating budget figures, delivering efficient and accurate finished ads to clients, reporting work progress to clients and financial administrative tasks. According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for advertising account executives is $35,603. This figure can fluctuate depending on job location, work experience, and number of clients.

Digital Advertising Specialist

  • Digital advertising specialists are responsible for setting up, monitoring, and reporting the progress of online advertisements published to various media platforms. Research, organization, optimization, and client communication are skills and tasks of a digital advertising specialist. Knowledge of ad monitoring programs, such as Google Ad Manager, is crucial. The average base salary for a digital advertising specialist is $45,411 according to Glassdoor.

Advertising Sales Agent

  • Advertising sales agents or advertising sales representatives sell advertisement space to businesses, organizations, and individuals. The ad space can be published via newspaper, television, or online. The job tasks include contacting potential clients to inform of available ad space and agency offerings, provide in-depth information on the importance and benefits of purchasing the space, conduct administrative tasks once sales are made, deliver ad proofs clients and feedback to ad designers, and lastly to prepare efficient media kits. As of 2015, the average base salary reported for advertising sales agents is $48,490.

Graphic Designer

  • A graphic designer within an advertising firm or an ad department within a newspaper or magazine publication are responsible for creating visual concepts to develop creative and informative advertisements by using various computer programs. The goal for graphic designers is to bring the client’s vision to life and grab the viewer’s attention. It is crucial for individuals in this job to understand multiple forms of design software (InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) and obtain a creative, open mind when designed ads. The average base salary for advertising graphic designers is $52,589 depending on job location, work experience, and capacity of the firm or agency.


  • Copywriters are responsible for creating slogans, taglines, catchphrases, tweets, TV and radio advertisements for various media. When working with clients, copywriters are expected to accurately interpret their vision with their writing abilities. Responsibilities of this job are interpreting account briefs, composing unique and clear content, monitoring the campaign success, and conducting various updates based on feedback from clients and designers. According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for copywriters is $69,935 based on experience in the field and job location.

Creative Director

  • Creative directors within the advertising industry oversee the entire creative process and provide guidance to individuals creating and building the ads. Creative directors work with the graphic designers, illustrators, sales agents, and copywriters to create an overall understanding and proof resulting in the production of the best final product for clients. The average base salary for creative directors in advertising according to Glassdoor is $146,680 depending on job location and experience in the field.

While these are just a few opportunities in advertising, these options show how diverse the field is. With a topnotch resume, polished skills, and passion for the work required, the potentiality of landing any of these advertising jobs is very high.

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