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  • Michella Chambliss

Fiery, Expresso, and Salty Snickers?

Okay. Why? What would make Snickers try to change its classic flavor? The brand is actually doing what is necessary. Changing with time.

For the first time, the company has introduced three new flavors fiery, expresso, and salty and sweet. The Snickers brand knows that its audience, which is young and millennial based. Targeting millennials as primary consumers can be very profitable to a business because they are the hardest age group to gain. Switching up and introducing new flavors is a smart brand move and will continue to give the #4 highest chocolate brand continued success.

Are you ready to venture out and try these new flavors, or do you think that the classic milk chocolate covered bar filled with peanuts, caramel, and nougat is fine enough to last?

If you ask me, I wouldn’t mind trying the expresso flavored Snickers as I rush across campus to class! Tweet me @pr_michella and tell me what flavor you will try!

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