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  • Cynthia Castor

Calling for Action: Don’t Simply Ask to Engage

Boosting your brand’s content can seem difficult, and might leave you feeling that your following isn’t enough, however this probably is not the case. Although having a large following is helpful, the way your content is published is a large factor in its success. A brand can be boosted by using current trends like helpful listicles, or engaging with the existing audience. A way to engage with your audience is by including a call to action when posting content. By asking viewers to share or like a post they expand your contents reach.

Although most people are aware of using a call to action, seeing the same calls to action can get boring to the viewer and may lead to it being ignored if the content is not relevant enough. That is why we have some creative tips for assigning a unique call to action on different platforms. You should always try to cater content to the platform you’re using because follower’s expectations change based on where they are seeing your content. .

For example, on Youtube the most common calls to action are commenting, subscribing, liking or sharing a video. Asking for these actions in a unique way or providing incentives like a contest where you have to like the video or become a subscriber to enter can motivate viewers further.

It is also common on Facebook to ask for likes and shares. Similar to Youtube you can ask for a follow for a free product on Facebook as well. You can also direct followers to your webpage, include links to make shopping easier, provide your location and contact information or make a sign up list, make bookings, and watch videos.

These calls to action also have to incorporate unique efficient messages to capture your audience.

Calls to action can help you to engage with your audience and build your impression, even if you are starting with a smaller following. Comment any suggestions of how to create a unique call to action!

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