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  • Julia Mendez

3 Brand Revamps Everyone Is Talking About

1. Dunkin Donuts dropping the “Donuts” from their name

The company said in a statement: “While we remain the No. 1 retailer of donuts in the country, as part of our efforts to reinforce that Dunkin’ Donuts is a beverage-led brand and coffee leader, we will be testing signage in a few locations that refer to the brand simply as Dunkin’.” Dunkin’ wants to put themselves in the same arena as coffee industry giant Starbucks. They have tackled the donut industry and are ready for the big leagues in coffee. The question then rises, does this help or hurt brand recognition? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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2. Weight Watchers is now going as just “WW”

Weight Watchers is changing to WW to focus on more than just weight loss. They are hoping to spread to all areas of wellness. While this is a good idea to expand the business and offer more products and services, the name change seems...lazy. I think there was a better name they could have found to encapsulate their new brand. While I don’t think this name change will hurt the business, I also don’t think it will help spread awareness of their new endeavors.

“We will never abdicate our authority and our position as the best healthy, sustainable weight loss program on the planet, but we can be so much more to people.” –Mindy Grossman, CEO

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3. Uber changing their logo…again

Uber recently changed up their logo for the second time in less than two years. It seems they refresh their brand each time they have a public relations crisis. Revamping a brand can do amazing things for a company, but changing their logo this frequently can have the opposite effect. Their most recent logo left the public less than impressed. What do you think about the new logo?

“We’re excited to unveil a new, simplified logo for the Uber app that brings back the U, is easily recognizable, and is scalable across the 660 plus cities we serve,” a spokesperson for Uber said in a statement.

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Okay, so this is a great idea for content but I need you to actually comment on the changes. Give your opinion? Are these good changed? Bad changes? What has public perception been like? Three quotes and pictures are just not enough. I need at least three sentences of opinion or comments on every one of the changes. This is a good start tho.

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