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  • Rachel Powell

Tricks and Treats

Halloween unearths many PR and Marketing opportunities for companies every year. Americans have spent up to $9 billion on Halloween merchandise every season. Up to 175 million Americans partake in Halloween festivities yearly, for one reason and one reason only - to get their spooky on.

With the public so willing to splurge during the holidays, major PR and Marketing opportunities present themselves for businesses, small to large. With Halloween-related themes, companies can increase publicity and gain awareness of all their products or services. Almost every business can find some Halloween connection to enhance their PR and Marketing messages and advertisements.

For example, Target has not only attracted many young ghouls and boys, but people of all ages with all of their campaigning and publicizing this spooky season. Target utilizes every platform when promoting everything Halloween, and is spook-tacular at displaying an in-store Halloween experience. Avoid becoming a PR zombie and have clear goals in mind. Use the season to gain consumers, promote your products and haunt social media. Don’t be a ghost. Be like Target.

The bottom line is, that even businesses who don’t primarily sell candy, costumes and decorations, can still partake in the opportune moments that their PR and Marketing campaigns can offer during Halloween. Creating “seasonal” campaigns will boost most any business.

… and just in time for Christmas ;)

but for now, Happy Halloween!

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