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  • Nicole Johnson

Social Media Inspired Halloween Costumes Trending

As if we needed proof that social media is a central part of our lives, Halloween season is a prime example. Many go-to costumes this past year have been inspired by social media. From the hashtags, to the memes, YouTube celebrities and more, scan your news feed to stay on trend this Halloween. Let’s see how well you keep up with social media trends.

Here's one of the more creative Halloween, social-media, inspired costumes. Hastags are not the easiest costumes to portray, but everyone will know what this costume means. It's one of the most popular hashtags and it trends on very popular social media platforms every week. Throwback Thursday or #TBT is a social media hashtag that has been trending on twitter, instagram and facebook. The hashtag is used to share nostalgic moments with followers.

2. Chewbacca Mom

The lady behind the mask is Candace Payne, also know as Chewbacca Mom. She became famous after her hilarious Facebook live video went viral. Payne loved her new mask which in turn made her viewers love her so much that there is a blog where fans can find out how to dress like her here on the blog how to make a chewbacca mom costume for Halloween. If you want your costume to be loved this year Chewbacca Mom is the costume for you.

3. JoAnne the Scammer

This recognizable costume is Braden Miller’s iconic social media alter ego, JoAnne the Scammer, has become a fan favorite costume. Miller’s character JoAnne prada gained her fame through her Instagram and twitter accounts where Miller posts funny videos of JoAnne. Scam this social media celebrity!

4. Snapchat Filters

Snapchat is so popular that the filters provided on the app are extremely recognizable. Painting these filters is not an easy, task but you will be sure to dress to impress.

5. Memes

Memes have become a worldwide social phenomenon. They are virally-transmitted cultural symbols or social ideas found on social media. Memes are intended to be funny. Memes are always trending, so if you want to impress your timeline this halloween stay on trend with a meme.

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