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  • Cassidy Cockrell

Does Spooky Sell?

Boo! Spooky season has arrived and so have the Halloween inspired advertisements. Every year around this time, businesses release festive commercials to join in on the holiday spirit. Halloween comes with endless possibilities, so the sky's the limit when thinking of creative advertisements to thrill customers with.

Aside from the supernatural, Halloween is most commonly associated with candy. So it’s no surprise that in October, candy promotions come in full force. Sometimes, they take the creepy approach. For an example, in 2017 when Fox presented “Fox: Bite Size Horror,” featuring candies like Skittles. These chilling ads left you on the edge of your seat, and then prompted you to visit Fox’s website to find out the rest. A lot of people skip through commercials or stream their TV, so this was an innovative way to get people to seek out the commercials themselves.

Halloween candy ads can also be humorous, like Snickers convincing parents that neighborhood kids would rather get Snickers candy bars while trick-or-treating versus its competitors. One that has consistently knocked it out of the park is, M&M’s.

Since the ‘70’s M&M’s Halloween commercials have become a tradition. The highly familiar ads continue to impress customers year after year. They have adopted scary themes like the headless horseman, Frankenstein and eerie violin music. The sarcastic, talking M&M’s usually add comic relief to the ghostly commercials. Consistency has paid off for M&M’s, according to The Daily Meal M&M’s are the second most popular candy at Halloween, selling 2.4 million pounds.

In today’s world with Netflix and DVR, it is hard to ensure that your commercials are even being watched. M&M’s keep people watching out for their commercials by meeting expectations and keeping their content original. M&M’s success in holiday sales will continue to rise as the classic candy slays Halloween advertisements.

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