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  • Cassidy Cockrell

Testing The Waters Before Taking the Dive

When creating a business it is important to know what values define your brand. For some businesses, this means publically taking a social or political stand. This business move always creates a conversation; weather it is backlash or praise it never fails to become a trending topic. However, not all publicity is good publicity, so is it a good idea?

Creating advertisements and issuing statements about anything controversial can make people who disagree stop purchasing your brand. Losing loyal customers is not ideal regardless of the scenario, which is why it is key to know your audience.

Researching the political beliefs of the demographic you are targeting will help your business avoid missing out on existing customers. In fact, you may attract a new market that have the same values and previously would not have bought your product. Recently, Nike released an ad campaign that supports Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the National Anthem.

While Nike did receive negative feedback, they knew that their market consisted of young people in large, diverse cities; the ad campaign was successful because the majority of their market agreed with the message.

Once you know your target audience it is crucial to pick an issue that you are passionate about. Making a political statement will not work if it does not seem genuine. After you have found the cause that your brand is representing, begin studying it and learning how to best support it. Being knowledgeable about the subject will make your business and its mission seem more authentic.

Research from Sprout Social, has proven that over half of consumers think it is important for businesses to take a stand on social and political issues. However, it is necessary that you have researched your market, the beliefs that you are advocating, and then present it in an appropriate way that encourages people to stand behind your cause.

Taking social stand can be great for your brand, but make sure you test the waters first.

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