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  • Cynthia Castor

Is the new Instagram Algorithm Algo-right or Algo-wrong

As an avid Instagram user, I’ve noticed that algorithm changes within the app. Especially for non-tech savvy users, these changes can be quite confusing and sometimes even frustrating.

The last algorithm change Instagram occurred on March 22 of this year in order to provide more relevant content for its users. The previous algorithm allowed users to predict and post when followers were more active ,but now, according to a Later post, users feed is now based on the users’ interests, timeliness,frequency, following, relationship to the users’ followers and other factors.

Other social media platforms such as youtube and Facebook have also changed algorithms similar to Instagram by sorting content more relevant to the user than the initial chronological order they utilized before. Snapchat has also changed its algorithm to separate social media into two different categories that also allow the user to find content that they presume would be more tailored to what media they consume.

All changes within these platforms has caused some type of inconvenience and some anger causing users and even celebrities to take their followers to new platforms.

Other platforms that are new like Vero are in the original stages, or close to their original stages of the platform, can have an influence over new users to continue a familiar platform.This can potentially become competition for other platforms and attract other social media users,who are driven away from the trending algorithm, over to the media they want to consume.

What do you feel about the new algorithms and does it appeal to the content you want to consume? Share your opinion the comments.

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