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  • Rachel Powell

Bachelor Nation receives massive news and are less than thrilled

Colton Underwood, former NFL tight end, gets involved in the Bachelor world. He appeared on two other seasons, but has yet to find the one for him. Much to Twitters dismay, he wins the title of the new Bachelor for the upcoming season and fans are not happy. This year, instead of catching passes, he will be throwing them.

However, this pick has Bachelor Nation split on all platforms of social media, especially on Twitter.

This controversial pick, according to Bachelor fans, instantly became a trending topic all over the world with the hashtags, #notmybachelor, #thebachelor and #bachelornation, reaching massive heights on Twitter in just a few hours.

Despite all of the backlash towards Colton Underwood on Twitter, he is excited to start his journey to find love. Sadly, according to many Bachelor fans, they will not be tuning in to watch this season.

Underwood made appearances on Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel Live. The new Bachelor was also present in several different interviews from multiple outlets.

These outlets have attempted to make Colton look glamorous in the spotlight this past week, but it seems as if the world has already formed their opinions.

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