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  • Walt Whitsett

Their Future Behind the Wheel

Another company, another stride towards equality across the world. Hyundai launched their #whatsnext campaign. The move is a direct response to the lift of the driving ban for women, in Saudi Arabia.

As of June 2018, women are able to drive in the Middle Eastern country. Hyundai wasted little time in celebrating this milestone. The company took a unique approach on their marketing approach for this campaign. Instead of a strong emphasize on their vehicle lineup, they choose to focus on the past achievements of Saudi Arabian women, and what the future will hold for the women of this nation.

The ad has a very subtle and motivating narration describing the wonderful things the women of this nation have achieved, and how they’re now in the driver’s seat of their futures.

Hyundai also added specific features geared toward Saudi women as well. Vehicles purchased in that region will have the first Abaya Detection system. This system keeps garments from getting stuck in the door. They’re also deploying other market based safety features, for first time drivers.

The company has already made a name for itself, and now they’re using their marketing strategy to improve the lives of others. Despite the lack of emphasize on their brand in this campaign, Hyundai hopes to significantly increase sales in the Middle East with movement.

This decade has seen many changes that focus on equality for all walks of life, so it will be interesting to see how this will affect the Middle East’s view of women moving forward. Check out Nikes push towards equality in the link below.

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